Can you believe the calibre of the industry people attending the London Screenwriters’ Festival?

I have just been working my way through the delegate network for the festival and I just stunned at the calibre of people attending. Below is a list of the most recent people to join the network (which all of our delegates are invited to join). THIS IS NOT A LIST OF SPEAKERS, THIS IS THE DELEGATES AND SPEAKERS WHO ARE BOTH IN OUR NETWORK WHICH YOU WILL GET ACCESS TO. Check out our speakers here.

This is just a cross section of the 500 industry professionals who will be present. The big question is… ARE YOU COMING? And if not, why not? You won’t just get to pitch and chat to these people, you will get the opportunity to create long lasting relatiohsnips, even partnerships. Where else can you prop up the bar with the writer of ‘Finding Nemo’ or pitch to the producer of ‘Last Of The Mohicans’?

OK you can get your pass here… (and use the discount code CHRISJONESBLOG to get 10% discount).

Now, be as amazed as I am at the people attending. For the first time I wish I was attending and not organising the festival!

GEOF WOLFENDENSam Knowles, Media Lawyer/Producer/Writer
Coming for…‘Looking to establish new connections to move into features’
GEOF WOLFENDENGina Lyons, Film and TV Producer
Coming to…‘Meet new writers and aspiring directors
GEOF WOLFENDENChristian Routh, Film consultant and script analyst
Coming for…‘Inspiration. Networking. Caffeine’
GEOF WOLFENDENNiall Johnson, Writer-Director
Coming to…‘help those who are starting out on their careers in this (rollercoaster of an) industry’
GEOF WOLFENDENHimesh Kar, Film Producer
Coming to…‘Network, meet new talent and share experiences’
GEOF WOLFENDENSam Knowles, Media Lawyer/Producer/Writer
GEOF WOLFENDENSteven Russell, Development producer
Coming for…‘The chance to engage with writers I already know and some that I don’t…’
GEOF WOLFENDENLauren Cushman, Script Editor
Coming to…‘meet new writers and catch up with friends and colleagues’
GEOF WOLFENDENDave Reynolds, Screenwriter (Finding Nemo)
Coming to…‘share my experiences in writing for animation. More importantly, having a good excuse to get out of my office to meeting other writers…who are also using the same excuse.’
GEOF WOLFENDENNicholas Horwood, Screenwriter and producer
Coming to…‘pitch projects, make contacts and learn stuff!’
GEOF WOLFENDENRichard Messenger, I am stepping into the unknown with a few scripts and a lot of determination
Coming for…Everything!
GEOF WOLFENDENNeil Thompson, Producer and Director
Coming to…‘Looking for the next wonder script’

Blimey…. Right now we are just North of 375 people attending, so act now to get your pass (that includes speakers and pitching panelists)… we have a MAXIMUM of 500 slots. So not many left now. And thos of you doing the maths, our delegate / speaker ratio is roughly 3 to 1…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author



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