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As well as the business side of networking at the festival, there’s been social events every day. A great opportunity to relax after the flurry and frenzy of energy surrounding the speed pitching sessions and many of the speakers have come along and mingled with the delegates sharing more of their knowledge and people everywhere are just saying hello, it feels very inclusive and the evening drinks and coffee sessions have spread out all over London until the early hours by all accounts with some firm friendships being forged in the process. There are smiles everywhere and a few tired faces, it’s quite a marathon of a festival but you sure get your money’s worth in terms of things to do.

The speed pitching is going very well by all accounts, some writers having a go just for fun and some finding it terrifying but being proactive with their work. Many writers I’ve spoken to have asked to send in their sceenplays to the producers who’ve heard their pitch. Good luck to all!

Last night we were treated to free drinks from The Welcome Trust, a charitable foundation who work with creatives in order to share their stories with a wider audience. It was wonderful to hear about their work and to also see more opportunities for ours. And the free wine went down a treat, after the second intense day at the festival, everyone was very exhausted and very ready to unwind and yet there were still opportunities being talked over and a lot of excitement in the room. Indeed there are so many people with projects going on at the festival and not all are writers, some are filmmakers, producers and directors too and I’ve been pleased to meet some people interested in having me involved in some of their work either directing or writing for them, whatever comes of it, it’s been an absolute pleasure to see so much happening in the industry. A big thank you to The Welcome Trust for hosting a really pleasant evening.

Leilani Holmes

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