Finding Nemo writer Dave Reynolds is coming to our festival!

Finding Nemo’, ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ and ‘A Bug’s Life’ are just a few of the films under the belt of heavyweight writer David Reynolds! And David will be gracing us with his presence at the London Screenwriters’ Festival from the 28th to the 30th of October at Regent’s College in Regent’s Park.

If you have a project that is suited to Disney or Pixer, this is a rare chance to come and hear David’s inside scoop on writing for the biggest animation production companies in the world – DISNEY and PIXAR!

But here is the best thing about Dave, aside from his insane credit list. He is just a fantastic bloke! He gets what it is to be a writer breaking in and is looking forward to sharing his experiences over the whole weekend. Already we have had several Skype chats where we roar with laughter just as much as we get through what need to get through.

Dave has also joined our Speed Pitching event too, so if you have a suitable project, Gemma may well match you up to him for some face time to pitch your ideas. To be part of Speed Pitching, you must buy your ticket now as there are only a handful of slots left

Writing For Disney and Pixar Lab

Dave has also agreed to an intimate and additional ‘Writing For Pixar and Disney’ lab, an extended workshop for a handful of writers who have specific projects suited to these Hollywood heavyweights. If you have a suitable project, this will be a unique chance to get mentoring from someone who has a proven track record of success at Disney and Pixar.

Dave has even joined our delegate network and is busy chatting away in the delegate chat room! You see what we mean? Top bloke! So offer to buy him a drink when you see him at the bar.

OK, buy your ticket now and we will be in touch with all our delegates soon about the writing for Disney and Pixar Lab.

Get your Tickets here And get your 10% discount by using the discount code NEMO when you checkout.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


P.S.We have a few more MASSIVE names to announce in the coming days, so keep an eye out.

P.P.S. The Robert McKee podcast is now live in our delegate network, available to our delegates only.

P.P.P.S… We will sell out this year, so don’t wait too late to get your pass. You may end up missing out.

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