It’s a Wrap! London Screenwriters Festival 2011

And so, the hundreds of delegates who attended the festival gathered one last time in the main hall to hear Chris Jones wrap up the 2011 London Screenwriters Festival. In it’s second year the festival has been more focussed and built on the feedback from last year to give a very full and varied experience to everyone attending.

It’s clear that there’s a real need for this festival to happen so that screenwriters can have this forum for meeting, discussion and sharing within the industry and a place to make opportunities happen for oneself. Chris Jones assures us that the festival will be back in 2012 so if you didn’t make it this year, then make your plans now to attend next time and put them into place, and maybe bring a friend too. The festival happens because of the people who attend and the people who give their time to making it happen.

Everything everyone gets out of the festival is down to those others in the room with us, and on that note it was time to give a roaring applause and standing ovation to the most excellent festival staff and volunteers who gave us so much care and consideration all weekend. Each and every person has worked very hard so that the delegates could get the best out of their time here and always with a friendly smile and a willingness to assist. A big thanks to all of them and to the festival organisers. It’s been incredible.

Leilani Holmes

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