Join ‘Story’ guru Robert McKee at the London Screenwriters’ Festival – special online pre event, October 4th

There are a handful of screenwriting experts who really deserve the title of guru. And McKee sits at the top of that pile. If you haven’t read his book ‘Story’, you should. Personally, I think his audiobook is even better (abridged) as I often have it playing in the background while I do house work, or on long car journeys. It keeps my toolkit sharp (excerpt from audiobook above).

So we are simply brimming with excitement to have Robert join the London Screenwriters’ Festival for this special online event on October 4th at 7.30om UK time. It’s all on the web so you can participate ANYWHERE in the world. It’s also interactive, so you can join the conversation and ask questions too.

To register, just click here…

If you have any questions for Robert, you can submit them in advance by emailing Pete at

And remember, this is just a tiny taster of what you can expect from the London Screenwriters’ Festival. You can still get a £30 discount by using the discount code CHRISJONESBLOG.

Get your pass here…

OK, so remember, October 4th, 7.30pm UK time… sign up to be part of this seminar with Robert McKee

And check out Russell Brands review of Robert McKee below…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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