Want to make successful movies? Free one day seminar online now…

Want a free one day workshop from two of the biggest names in American Indie cinema? With nearly 100 movies and a raft load of awards, Emmy and Oscars nominations, you can be sure that Ted Hope and Christine Vachon know their stuff. Here’s what people said about it when we ran it last May…

‘To be taught how to “package a deal” from the guys who made ‘Poison’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Kids’, ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’ is a near- miracle’
George Hobbs, producer/writer, London

‘This inspired the bejesus out of me. I did think it was going to be more aimed at Directors and Producers but I think it served well as a grounding for Writers who have delusions of where their place in the process lies. I’d recommend this to any writer if it comes back again.’
Gail Hackston, Writer

‘Amongst all the information so freely available online, it is still invaluable to hear people with so much experience talk, in person, so eloquently and passionately’
James Lane, director, Sussex

‘Ted and Christine know their shit’
Martin Wales, London

Above is just the first part of the workshop – you can watch ALL of it by heading over to www.AmericanIndependentsDay.com

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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