‘Rocket fuel for the soul’… Feedback from The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass 2012

It’s hard to put into words what I get out of the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass.

For me, the experience is exhilarating, challenging, moving, humbling but ultimately focussing…

You see I may be the guy on the stage, but I am really just the focus for the passion, enthusiasm and creativity unleashed by 350 film makers for two straight days!

I love it, and even now I still need peeling off the ceiling!

I thought I would share with you some of the feedback from our 2012 delegates…

‘Delivered in short bursts of rocket fuel for the soul’
Luke Campbell, Film maker

‘the masterclass has changed my life…thank you’
Karine Bedrossian, Film Maker

‘More than a masterclass on filmmaking, it’s a masterclass on attitude, courage, vision – on living the dream’
Adelle Kirby, Screenwriter

‘Incredibly detailed yet concise’
Ben Carlson, Filmmaker

‘If you want an honest, no hold barred film making course, then this is it. Intensive 2 days of straight talking, no bullshit’
Dane Jones

‘Loved it all’
Tito Sacci, Director

‘I have 45 pages of notes, a sore hand and a billion brain cells firing on all cylinders…’
Patrick Nash, Writer and Director

‘I have left with clarity on what I need to do next to drive my career, but more importantly, my inspiration, motivation and self belief tank is completely full. Bring on the next adventure!’
Natasha Gant, Filmmaker

‘The workshop has surpassed my expectations. Not only have I learned new information, but I’ve met some crazy filmmakers just like me’
Sonia Maffeis, Actor/Director/Writer

‘If you are even wondering about attending this, get on with and sign up!’
Will Hopkins, Filmmaker

‘It’s not just the information that makes this Masterclass so valuable, it’s the community that forms around you over the weekend that makes it NECESSARY! We found a first AD, got 60 new Twitter followers and even received more financing for our film over the weekend’
Justin Tagg, Writer / Director

Arash Khunshnazar, Filmmaker

‘Absolutely fantastic, so much information, passion and networking’
Diana Townsend, Writer/Producer

‘I loved the honest, philosophical and psychological aspect, making me question myself and career so that I now know what I really need to do next’
Jai Rajani, Writer/Director

‘I believe again’
Paul Sheeky, Writer/Director

‘Amazing, I can’t feel my brain’
Raj Pathak, Director/Producer

‘You can’t help but leave inspired. Great insights and so many like minded people’
Graham Curry, Production Manager

‘I wish I knew about this masterclass years ago, it would have stopped me dreaming and got me to start taking action’
Aidanna Kussainova, emerging filmmaker

‘After attending I have set a shooting date! Great energy, information, emotion and networking’
Dave Verheyen, Director and VFX Artist

‘I consider myself a professional film maker and I still got tons out of the masterclass. Highly recommended’
Marinella Setti, Filmmaker and writer
(Script supervisor on ‘28 Weeks Later’ and over 30 other features)

‘It was just perfect for me’
Neeta Kataria, Avid Editor/VFX

‘Screw film school. Come to the Masterclass then use your money to make your film’
David Smith, Filmmaker
(in post on first feature)

‘I learnt so much my brain is about to explode! Met so many Directors, Producers, Writers, Actors.. such a wonderful tribe of creative people!’
Natalie Ames, Filmmaker

‘It has reminded me why I got into film making’
Matt Holt, Corporate Filmmaker

‘It scared the crap out of me because I now know I have to do this… AWESOME!!!’
Andy Nichols, VFX Artist

Blimey… But as ever, I am looking to improve the Masterclass for next year, and so I also asked delegates what they thought (and yes I agree 100% about the coffee shop, we will get that sorted for next time). Here are a selection of some of the other improvements suggested… some we will action, others perhaps not!

‘Use pyro’s’
Owen Sampson
We say… YES YES YES…! Oh hang on, health and safety… 😉

‘I can only just about cope with what’s coming at me now, please no more!’
Will Hopkins, Filmmaker
We say… that’s how we like it!

‘Put peoples roles or jobs on their name cards’
Tito Sacchi, Director
We say… Great idea and we will do that next year

‘Do it over three days’
Tom Kerevan, Writer
We say… we would love to Tom and have had this thought for years. Maybe next year we will trial this idea and see how people respond.

‘Can we have a map of the venue?’
Jai Rajani, Writer / Director
We say… yes, we will make that happen

‘Speed dating to aid networking’
Medhi Benali, Filmmaker
We say… Yes, we have that in the works for next year already.

Raj Pathak, Director/Producer
We say… Yep, we would love to, but we also are committed to saving the planet. Handouts would also mean ticket prices go up to cover the extra costs. We have made PDFs of everything relevant and added to the network too.

‘Live twitterfeed projected throughout…’
Paul Andreton
We say… We tried this (so great minds huh) but there were complaints that it was very distracting, so we will keep it as it is (so yep, fools seldom differ) 😉

‘free drinks!’
Catarina Oliveira, Filmmaker and editor
We say… are you buying?

Thanks SO much for all your thoughts and comments. I haven’t even looked at Facebook, Twitter and for blogs.

Onwards and upwards

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

e: mail@livingspirit.com

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