The Woman In Black Is The Highest Grossing Brit Horror Ever

Hammer’s Daniel Radcliffe young persons horror flick, ‘The Woman In Black’ has topped the UK all time charts for highest grossing theatrical horror film ever (or at least since records began).

  • 2012 The Woman In Black (so far) £14,598,813
  • 2001 The Others £11,880,848
  • 1993 Bram Stoker’s Dracula £11,548,429 
  • 1995 Interview With the Vampire £10,674,956 
  • 2000 Sleepy Hollow £10,047,381 
  • 2004 Shaun Of The Dead £6,692,683 
  • 2002 28 Days Later £6,296,734 
  • 2007 28 Weeks Later £5,350,158

Why has it done so well? As someone who has made a ghost story feature film (Urban Ghost Story), I can tell you that there are fewer ghost movies than you would think – and we Brit’s do LOVE a great ghost story.

But I suspect the big reason for the success is the target audience and certificate of 12A – this means younger audiences can enjoy the spooky terror too.

Proof yet again that well executed, targeted British movies can both critically satisfy as well as commercially deliver.

Onwards and upwards

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

One Response to The Woman In Black Is The Highest Grossing Brit Horror Ever

  1. Oli Lewington February 28, 2012 at 5:10 pm #

    I think the 12A clearly helped massively with attracting Daniel Radcliffe’s core fanbase.

    However great the film is (I haven’t seen it because I’m far too scared after having nightmares for weeks after seeing the stage show when I was 16 – I’m a big wuss), I think we have to acknowledge that having someone of the stature of Mr R in it is a MASSIVE draw.

    That said, it’s fantastic to see a British film, made by a British crew making so much and creating such a buzz. Congrats to one and all.

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