Film makers, want your own branded daily newspaper? Get YOUR to promote your work or brand. is an online newspaper that is published, automatically, every day.

The content for YOUR is generated by feeds from your Twitter and Facebook accounts, plus other sources you setup – so it’s personal to you. If you follow people with great content, it will draw from that stuff to create your branded, daily news

And unlike print media, words and photos aren’t the only elements in the gamut – videos, audio and other embeddable media can also be used to create a content rich experience for your readers.

You can check out our Guerilla Film Maker here…

Let’s get going…
Starting your first paper is a piece of cake.

-Go to, enter your log-in information for your Twitter or Facebook account and click on “Start your paper”.

-From there, choose the title of your paper – think about this before you go charging in. What is your brand? Will the paper exist beyond the single project? Be bold and simple.

-Next, choose where your sources are going to come from. This defines the content of your paper, so choose carefully. To make your paper more ‘YOU’, choose Twitter followers or Facebook friends whose content is excellent. You can also enter a Twitter or Facebook keyword or a Twitter hashtag (for instance #GFilm, which is the one we use for The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass), so that your chosen topics will appear in your paper.

-We also added a few RSS feeds for specific sources such as blogs, or even Screen International, The Hollywood Reporter and IndieWire.

-We also changed the header background so it fitted in with our brands. It’s a bit more complex if you want to change fonts in the title, but you can do it – more info here. has more info on how to do this here…

-Next, pick a language for your paper.

-You can also choose when your paper is published, and we chose 10am UK time.

-And you are ready baby! So hit that Publish button!

Get your paper out there!
As far as promotion goes, makes it super easy to let others know when each edition of your paper is released. Through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, will automatically post when your paper is out. And if the content is great, it will get shared, retweeted and of course, read.

What if some of the content in my paper is irrelevant?
If you find that some of the articles in your paper don’t fit your brand, you can delete them from your paper altogether, or move them to a different section of your paper.

A cool tool:
The bookmarklet let’s you instantly add any article, video, or picture from any website to your most current newspaper edition. The bookmarklet will then automatically add content from this new source to future editions of your paper too, so that when content appears, it harvests the new articles. In this way, you don’t have to keep going back. This tool helps make your paper more topic specific and gives you greater freedom of choice over just FB and Twitter feeds.

Embed Your
There are widgets and full blown embed pages so that you can add your paper to your website or blog. There is also a Facebook app too so it appears on your Facebook fan page.

The best thing about is that once it is setup, you don’t really need to do much, aside form occasional tweaks to ensure it stays on message. Plus, other experts generate the content for YOUR branded publication. Very cool.

About The Author Of This Article: Hey all! My name is Diamond Coleman and I am a new intern for the London Screenwriters’ Festival 2012. I am from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and am currently in my last year of college at Boston University studying Film and Television. Some of my favorite movies are The Breakfast Club, The Departed, The Dark Knight, and The Godfather. But trust me, I have a lot more! 10 years from now, I see myself being the head writer for a huge TV drama hit, and maybe even being the executive producer as well.

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