How Caine conquered the web

Film marketeer Sheri Candler presented a great session on Sunday at the Practical Producer Masterclass, on new-media and the way we can now connect with audiences.

She showed this video as an example of how a filmmakers work caught the imagination of the web, but also how much prep went into it too.

For filmmakers, it makes a fascinating case study, and is another pointer that the BIGGEST evolution we are facing now is the way we tell stories and indeed the stories we choose to tell. The model has changed, and yet we still cling to the old models of 90 minute features designed for theatrical release.

Perhaps we should rethink what we make so that we can better connect with a audience willing to engage? When I wrote about Distrify and Dynamo Player last year, this was my overriding thought – is the web suited for theatrical features or should we reconsider the story format?

If you are interested in this conversation, you should attend the Jon Reiss masterclass over the weekend of June 23rd/24th – get £50 off with discount code CHRISJONESBLOG

Onwards and upwards!

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