‘50 Kisses’ has its first pre-production poster

After chatting at length with a distributor at the weekend, ‘50 Kisses’ took another big step forward for the Feb 2013 cinema release. As such I quickly created a pre-production poster to give it an identity and presence. I am also inviting any other designer to contribute their ideas and work too. This is after all a 100% crowd sourced movie – script, films, so why not posters?

The final poster for the movie will feature images form the 50 movies, and again, we will invite anyone to contribute (and give them access to all the photograph elements supplied by the 50 filmmakers). You can click on the image to get the hi-res version which you can use in your own press or blogging / SM.

The 50 winning screenplays are announced at the end of the week! It’s getting exciting now.


Onwards and upwards!

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