Near Kisses for 50 Kisses

Our ‘50 Kisses’ competition longlist was announced this week – you can read the list of the 508 scripts that made it here. Having chatted to some writers who didn’t make the longlist, I realised that we needed to provide a forum for their work too, so yesterday we created ‘Near Kisses’, a page where writers who didn’t get make the next stage can upload their scripts and get feedback.

I also hope that filmmakers choose to make some of these scripts, and while they can’t feature in the final ‘50 Kisses’ movie, they will be a part of the creative ecosystem that is evolving around the project – think DVD extras!

In less than a week we will be announcing the shortlist, and then finalists in just over one week – at which point it’s over to the filmmakers to make the scripts into cracking movies – and you should get involved.

So to be clear…

  • There will be fifty two page world class screenplays you can download.
  • You can choose to shoot any of them and submit to the competition.
  • You can make more than one.
  • Anyone can make one, no matter your experience. We encourage the writers to have a go too!
  • Once you have made your film, you will upload it to our system and we will enter the judging phase.
  • You have two months to complete your film – that’s August and September.
  • The best film from each script will be edited into the final movie which will be released in cinemas next Feb, on Valentines.
  • We encourage filmmakers from around the world to get involved.
  • So far 1,400 film makers have signed up! Holy cow!

IMPORTANT – To be part of the filmmaking process you MUST join our filmmakers group by signing up below. This is the way we will communicate more production requirements with you – you will need to get contracts signed with your actors for instance, cleared music etc. (which we will supply for you). We will supply you will a full filmmaking pack when the scripts go live, including the paper work you will need.

We have a forum on the main website too – so if you are looking for collaborators, actors, composers etc., this is the place to begin. Check it out here…

Good luck and see you at the premiere!

Onwards and upwards!

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