‘50 Kisses’ – have you chosen your project yet?

The 50 Kisses race has begun and the metrics are fascinating.

Our crowd sourced feature film ’50 Kisses’ is now gaining momentum with (at writing) 73 filmmaking teams committed to a specific project. Last month we announced the 50 winning scripts and now filmmakers are downloading them to produce and enter into the final competition to see if their short makes it into the final feature film.

What has proven fascinating though is that some scripts are TEN times more popular than others – the clear front runner is a script called ‘The Moment’. You can read it here.

Scripts that have still no production team are…

Boxes READ HERE (my fave that still has no producer)
Lunchtime READ HERE
Sloppy Snogs READ HERE
Kisses from Jessica READ HERE
60 year Valentine READ HERE
A Glasgow Kiss READ HERE
A Kiss Goodbye READ HERE
Cloudy Days READ HERE
First/Last/Best READ HERE
The Nearness of You READ HERE
First/Last READ HERE
Last Chance READ HERE
That Good Night READ HERE
On Thy Cheeks a Fading Rose READ HERE
One (Distinctly Average) Date READ HERE
Other Peoples Kisses READ HERE

You can read all the scripts here…

And here is a dynamic chart of the scripts and how many teams have chosen them.
Click here.

You can also read our feedback and the feedback from other readers on the site too, creating a fascinating live development experiment.

If you want to be part of 50 Kisses and make your own film of one of the scripts, sign up below and follow the instructions.

See you at the premiere in Feb 2013!

PS – If you want to see a collection of cracking shorts that could have made it into 50 Kisses, we have a lovely collection expaning daily here…

Onwards and upwards!

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