TEDxEaling Tickets Go Live!

Some of you may know I am running a TEDx conference, TEDxEaling, the theme being ‘Story’. Ever since I saw my very first TED talk, I wanted to organise a TEDx, and now it’s happening on September 21st in Ealing.

I thought I would share my favourite TED talk – with JJ Abrams. I am sure you have seen it before – it is my favourite because it touches on magic, one of the elements I think essential to any good story. Not magic in the Harry Potter sense, but magic in the way we observe something impossible in a well constructed narrative. Plus JJ is thoroughly entertaining, again essential for a great story.

Due to TED licensing we can only sell 100 tickets for TEDxEaling, and we have no sponsors, so the whole event is funded by ticket sales alone.

Enjoy JJ and I hope to see you on the 21st.

Onwards and upwards!

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