How to cut a budget, the secret illustrated directory of cheap big name stars, who really sells your movie… and more

Film producer buddy Stephen Follows recently presented this short masterclass in which he reveals…

  • How to train ‘creatives’ into setting deadlines
  • What’s your fault and responsibility
  • How to cut a budget
  • The secret illustrated directory of cheap big name stars
  • How to reach unreachable people
  • Why you should lose the negotiation every time
  • Who really sells your movie

Stephen is also running his Seven Step Producer class in a couple of weeks and if you liked this video, you will be knocked out by his detailed, step by step workshop on running the business of a film production.

The key practical steps to raising money and running your film production business

Venue: Ealing Studios, Ealing, West London
Date: October 6th / 7th 2012
Tickets: £139 – GET £40 off with code CHRISJONES

Using a real world feature film script, we will dynamically build a project, including a business proposal for investors, budget, schedule, production plan, and sales documents.

The Seven Step Producer is a simple yet detailed plan to get your film successfully funded, produced and sold.




Step One – The Great Idea

  • How the business really works
  • Why and how movies sell
  • How to generate commercial ideas
  • Structuring your entire production
  • Preparing yourself and your company
  • How to research the marketplace

Step Two – The Great Plan

  • Getting industry back from the start
  • Hiring a writer
  • Script copyright, clearences and contracts
  • Fitting your project in the industry…
  • …or suriving outside the industry
  • Writing a business plan
  • Writing for business people and NOT for film people

Step Three – The Great Package

  • Casting acting names
  • Creating a poster and materials that sell
  • Do you need a trailer or promo or not?
  • Finding and hiring top crew on no/low money
  • Building presentation materials
  • Creating the killer pitch
  • Presenting your ideas to film people

Step Four – Attracting The Money

  • The nuts and bolts of ‘Private Finance’
  • Finding people with money
  • The different types of investors
  • What investors what and what they hate
  • Making the business case
  • EIS & SEIS tax schemes
  • Preparing for UK Producers Tax Credit
  • Getting the investment paperwork right
  • Presenting your ideas to money people


KICK OFF: 9.00am

Step Five – Planning Production

  • Budgeting and how to get the right deals
  • Smart scheduling
  • Managing crew
  • Running a production office that works
  • Accounting and handling money
  • Writing contracts and grabbing rights

Step Six – Practical Production

  • You investors and the shoot
  • Dealing with crisis on set
  • Managing people more experienced than you
  • How to stop the shooting falling apart
  • Real-world compromises vs aiming for the extraordinary
  • Legal nightmares on set
  • How to prevent over-spending…
  • … and dealing with it if it happens

Step Seven – Selling and Recouping

  • Completing ‘Chain of Title’
  • Securing a sales agent
  • Self-distribution
  • Making money outside the system
  • Future income and library value
  • andling sequels, re-makes and rip offs

Step Eight – The Next Project

  • There is no step eight, it’s really prep for step one on your next film.
  • What’s next?
  • Building a career
  • The UK Film business / Hollywood film business

Passes are £139 but you can get £40 off with code CHRISJONES

See you there!

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Signe Olynyk October 12, 2012 at 11:42 am #

    Excellent webinar, Stephen. Some great lessons. Thank you for sharing with others. I’ll tweet this out to everyone I can.

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