Why I am taking a stand… literally!

Big changes are afoot in my life. Recently a long term problem, a tingling in my hands while working at my PC, reappeared. I couldn’t help but notice that it got worse when sitting at my desk – and so for the last three weeks I have begun standing at my desk, Walter Murch like. Yes I know my monitors should be higher, and I will correct this in due course, but for now the tingling has subsided dramatically. This is not by any measure any kind of scientific proof about the benefits of standing at my computer rather than sitting, but it’s certainly anecdotal evidence.

I have also noticed that I move much more throughout the day. I don’t get that sedentary fatigue I used to get at the end of each day too. This can only be a good thing. On the downside, I sure am tired at the end of each day, and that sofa is damn comfortable when I hit it in the evening.

But standing at my PC is just one aspect of a bigger ‘health’ picture too.

I have recently gone vegetarian. My mission is to go vegan, perhaps even raw vegan.

The move to becoming vegetarian was very easy, in fact in all honesty I have hardly noticed it. Vegan, which I have been trying out, is an entirely different proposition that will need a whole rethink of the way in which think of, and see food.

So why the change?

Over the last year I have undertaken some research and have come to a number of simple deductions and reasons as to why I am choosing to go vegetarian, and ultimately vegan / raw vegan.

  • Weight. It’s just undeniable that going vegan will allow me to drop weight.
  • Ethics 1. I know that eating meat and fish is bad for the planetary environment, and if I know this, and still do nothing about it, what does that say about me?
  • Ethics 2. Having seen the way animals have been turned into industrialised and mechanised commodities I simply can’t, in good conscience, continue to eat meat.
  • I have a choice. Not everyone has the freedom to choose what they eat in the way that I do. I plan to exercise that choice.
  • Health. I am now thoroughly convinced of the extreme health benefits of eating a vegan / raw vegan diet. Not just the benefits in the raw food itself, but by avoiding the stuff I am unaware of such as sugar, salt and a host of other added nasties in so much of what I currently eat.

I have shared the fact that I am making this change with a few friends and have been surprised at the polarised reactions.

Some applaud it and seem genuinely interested in what it will do for me. Others thought that I had been indoctrinated into some weird vegan cult and asked repeatedly ‘but why…?’ May answers seemed to fall on deaf ears. I have also been surprised at some people who have truly buried their heads in the ground about animal cruelty.

I have always thought, ‘If I eat meat, I should be able to kill a goat and cook it right?’ I might not have enjoyed that experience, but if it came to it, I know that I could do it.

That is a far cry from working in a factory that has industrialised animal processing. If I want to eat meat then I should really spend a day working on the production lines there. Having seen what actually happens, I know I could not do that. Not ever.

That was the point at which I changed my mind about embracing vegetarian foods. That, and the simple and powerful argument that I have a choice – I am literally surrounded by affordable, delicious and nutritious vegetarian food.

So wish me luck on this great adventure into food, health and energy! I will let you know how it goes.

Onwards and upwards!

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3 Responses to Why I am taking a stand… literally!

  1. Mark September 2, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    I wouldn’t want to kill an animal to eat it and yet can distance myself from what I see in the supermarket to what I know happens in the abbatoir. I have a real problem though eating red meat. Chicken turkey and fish seem, somehow more acceptable.

    It wasn’t long ago people had to make do with the brains and entrails and goodies like bread and dripping. The small percentage of this worlds wealthy (Us. Although hard to see that sometimes) Are far removed from the reality of killing to eat. But it is a major part of our evolutionary survival.

    Looking at the animal kingdom it’s murder out there. Take a microscope into the garden and look at the wars being waged. We can easily feel empathy for other conscious lives that have our emotions but can’t neccesarily communicate them. Yet millions die from starvation and we are immune to it. How can you feel for the whole world You’d go mad. The majority of the world suffers awful cruelty poverty and injustice. Maybe the west will fall like the roman empire or global warming will destroy us all. If we are to survive can we afford to be so caring.

    Taking a stand and showing the way by example would probably be laughed at by most of the poverty struck world where animals are fast disappearing while as a species like a plague of locusts consume and multiply until there is nothing left.

    As top of the food chain because of our ability to work and teach each other we can be caring enough to become vegetarians if we can artificially produce meat substitutes. Would be nice to think we are all so benevolent and yet every day we do nothing as people starve have no homes or commit murder and injustice.

    I can hide behind the fact I am insignificant and even if the west all became vegetarians most of the world wouldn’t follow my lead. I wonder what would happen if we all did though. How many would lose jobs. Would cows pigs and sheep end up on the extinction danger list.

    It’s funny but in all consciousness I can’t see an answer unless we are prepared to give up meat. Stop having families and give up the disproportionate wealth and dramatically cut to shreds our carbon footprint. How far are we willing to go with this? As far as it becomes uncomfortable? Only as soon as we do we simply make way for others to take our place who wont care. Or believe a god will save them as an excuse not to care.

    Maybe the human race is fulfilling a genetic destiny as we obliterate the world.

    Sorry to be negative but – Life is a kick up the backside. Although like most of us I am hopeful for the future because that’s what we mentally do. Pretend it will all be alright. If we had half a brain we would elect politicians that do what needs to be done.

    I still firmly believe It’s a good thing to make a stand and the important thing is to set an example. My hope is they will soon grow meat in laboratories on an industrial scale.

    The answer IS 42

  2. Dane Jones September 3, 2012 at 9:24 am #

    You found affordable vegetables? Where?

    When it comes down to it there’s a considerable price difference between fresh veg (and ‘good’ meat) and the processed tosh that they throw out comprised of lip ‘n’ tongue.

    The prices on rubbish foods and sweets should be upped and profit from that used as a subsidy on nutritional foods.

    It’s shocking that I can gorge myself on a pack of biscuits that cost less than a single piece of fruit.

  3. Ana September 3, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

    Hey Chris! This is great and you are inspiring me big time!

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