50 Kisses Competition Heats Up – can you design a movie poster?

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With hundreds of teams from around the world now shooting movies for 50 Kisses, we have to start thinking about post production and distribution.

Do you want to design a 50 Kisses poster?

This will be the poster(s) we use between now a January 2013, to promote the project.

As the film nears the premiere, we will open a new competition for the final and official movie poster.

But right now, ANY production from 50 Kisses can be featured in the ‘in-post-production’ poster competition.

In an ideal world, we would get 50 posters, reflecting the inclusive nature and global reach of 50 Kisses.

So to be clear, you can use ANY of the stills from the films (being updated daily as they come in to me) or make up your own images. You can view all the film stills here…
(Be sure to download the hi-res images via the link, and not just the compressed display images)

We have already had some entries, but none featuring images from the productions. And unlike your usual movie poster, we should think about featuring the filmmakers too as again, that is the nature and key selling point of 50 Kisses.

Here is the poster page on the site…

You can send your entry to… posters@londonswf.com

Go on, get involved. Or better, send this on to your designer friends!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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