50 Kisses Deadline Approaching… teams shooting on RED now!

It seems that 50 Kisses has grown way more legs than we had ever expected, with teams how shooting movies on every continent and in most countries. Isn’t that AWESOME! My ambition was always to get writers writing, filmmakers collaborating with writers, and then to platform the outcome.

There is still time to make your film for 50 Kisses. We had nearly 2,000 scripts submitted of which 50 were selected. Those 50 scripts can now be downloaded and read here…

You can select ANY script and film it – you could shoot it on your iphone, or do get hold of a RED camera like Station Films in LA… so long as you make a movie!

Full Rules are here…

Just sing up, download your script, make your film and be part of 50 Kisses!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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