Do you want to walk the red carpet OR own the red carpet?

A couple of days ago I took delivery of a large roll of red carpet for a new event at the London Screenwriters’ Festival.

As I carried it to my car, I commented to a friend ‘why is it that I am carrying it and not walking it?’ It was an offhand joke, but it got me thinking – is it better to walk the red carpet, or to be the person who controls the red carpet?

A comment made to me via email from a successful businessman a few years ago echoed in my mind – to give his comment context, I had written a blog about the film ‘The Story Of Anvil’ while on a plane to LA to see if I had been Oscars shortlisted for my film Gone Fishing. The film (which played as inflight entertainment) had really resonated with me, hence my blog entry HERE.

But so did this guys comment… he said…

‘Between fame and money, always take the money’.

The question is really, what motivates us? Why are we in this game? And while many of us do talk about money, business, funding, financing, are we really just fooling ourselves and paying lip service to the concept of making money and running a business?

So, if it came to it, which would you rather – walk the red carpet or own the red carpet?

Do you REALLY know what motivates you? What motivates your team mates? Do you share the same motivation? Having a frank and honest conversation with them, and more importantly yourself, could reveal the fact that you might be walking the wrong path. Don’t let ego, judgement from others or fear shut down this conversation. There is no right or wrong answer and it’s your life. Make the right choice. The honest choice.

Onwards and upwards!

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3 Responses to Do you want to walk the red carpet OR own the red carpet?

  1. Mark Davies October 10, 2012 at 11:36 am #

    Fame or fortune, rather than fame and fortune? It’s still the former over the latter for me. As a grown man, I should know better, but I think it’s because whatever magic drew you in as a youngster it wasn’t the money. (Who knows, perhaps the money was a given in our early day dreams?) Be it a trip to the cinema, watching the curtains open in a grand old theatre, seeing your first Peanuts strip…it was the possibility of joining in that special, special world. The wealthiest people in my childhood were landowners and property developers. Did nothing for me.

    I’m over-simplifying, I know. But this is a classic Heart & Head conundrum.

    The fame has to be valid, though. No one was allowed, in my dreams, to point at me without knowing for WHAT it was I had earned my fame. (None of that “off the telly” stuff like today!)

  2. Chris October 10, 2012 at 11:48 am #

    For me its about which is dominant and working accordingly. Most people I know think they are in it for the money but they are really in it for fame, which is a conflict. I am on your side of the red carpet though Mark.

    • Mark Davies October 10, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

      Well, I’m really glad to hear it. This side of the carpet for the Dream Chasers, that side for the Dream Makers!

      Curious to know what others think, though.

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