Festival Faces & Stories ~ Day One of LSF

A few of the people I met around the festival today…

Is this you in the festival registration queue? It’s great to be greeted by a friendly person and the festival staff do a fantastic job of making everyone’s first point of call a pleasant one.

Phil Peel was a lecturer at Bournemouth for a long time but now writes a lot and has just finished a film for 50 Kisses.

Mac McSharry and Adam Graveley I met when I overheard half a sentence and thought Mac had adapted a Hong Kong Phoey script. As it turns out he hasn’t but as they’re making just such a film we decided maybe he should and that Adam could adapt Wacky Races to go with it! It’s hillarious how you get talking to people sometimes at the festival!

Gail Hackston is a screenwriter and digital manager and also the festival’s head of marketing and PR. She’s been having quite a busy time of it.

Allison Parker is a writer, filmmaker and script reader and this year came all the way from Australia to attend the festival. Now that’s dedication!

There’s always a couple of more personal moments that don’t really belong on the blog but that it’s nice to put somewhere and treasure. I’m an author on Cowbird.com a (free to join) website that acts as a site for telling personal stories, sort of like a library of human experience.  As well as the festival faces I’m linking a couple of my Cowbird stories each day to show you the site and the moments and to invite you to try Cowbird out for yourself. Today’s Cowbird stories are Festival Morning and Accord which show a little of the colour and meaning I found from my day.

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