Festival Faces & Stories ~ Day Two of LSF

A few of the people I met around the festival today…

Aideen McCarthy, festival volunteer and writer/director she has been manning the desk at The Great British Pitchfest. It’s been going really well she says!

Eben Skilleter is pitching a detective drama today, getting an agent’s card in the process and with some prospects lined up he’s pleased with how it went.

Pearl Mina, PR & Media creative as well as a writer/producer has popped into the Pitchfest to ‘just chat some ideas’ and is taking the opportunity to meet people.

Simon Cox is a filmmaker and one of the people making all the technical stuff and recording at the festival work as smoothly as possible.

Oliver Purches is a filmmaker and the festival’s dedicated and tireless Stage Manager overseeing all the events and troubleshooting wherever he goes. ‘Yep’ comes out of his mouth on hearing his name because stage managing the biggest screenwriters festival in the world needs a ‘can do’ attitude.

Are you in this Period Drama seminar? It’s often the audiences that make these things fantastic with intelligent questions and bringing the ‘writery’ atmosphere to a room.  You may or may not be able to spot me right at the back on the left of this group!

There’s always a couple of more personal moments that don’t really belong on the blog but that it’s nice to put somewhere and treasure. I’m an author on Cowbird.com a (free to join) website that acts as a site for telling personal stories, sort of like a library of human experience.  As well as the festival faces I’m linking a couple of my Cowbird stories each day to show you the site and the moments and to invite you to try Cowbird out for yourself. Today’s Cowbird stories are Body Betrayal and Michael? both because of two very different identity issues I stumbled across in my day.

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