Pitching Your Project: The basics we often forget

Over the last few days there has been a lot of chatter about pitching in the LSF Delegate Network – lot’s of writers have been asking Bob Schultz for pitching tips and I have had a few emails myself too. So I thought I would share my most basic advice about pitching with the community

The biggest note I can offer is that you have two things to pitch.

First is your actual idea, but second and probably more important, is yourself.

Are you the kind of person they can work with, are you collaborative and enthusiastic, do you have any experience and if so what?

Pitching is not about doing the deal, it’s more akin to a random meeting in a coffee shop with someone you are attracted to – the deal you are trying to close is to see that person again – if you overwhelm someone in that moment they will smile politely and you will never get a call. It’s the same in pitching.

  • Ideally you will have such a strong (polished, thought through researched and rehearsed) idea that they request more information or a second meeting.
  • You will also have such strong charisma, engagement and affinity that they want to work with you and so ask to meet again.

Effortless grace is a phrase that comes to mind.

Of course there are tons of other tips and tricks to pitching, and if you do plan to pitch at the Pitchfest in two weeks, you should rock up to our additional training day, Pitching Thursday.

Either way there has rarely been such and awesome gathering of execs, producers, agents and managers in London for a pitching event that you can get access to.

There are 20 tickets left for LSF now, so don’t dilly dally if you have decided to come.

Get your pass here… www.LonsdonSWF.com

Onwards and upwards!

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