The Big Idea Bookstore


In Another corner of Herringham Hall at LSF is The Big Idea Bookstore, with a huge array of books, many of which get discounted because you’re cutting out the middle man and buying direct from the author. Because the books are from people known to the festival or even speaking at it, they’re exactly the sort of thing you’re going to be interested in and find useful and this is a much better way to buy them for both yourself and the author.

Supporting writers and readers of writers is not just a great idea it’s a Big Idea! And for other big ideas a swoop by to chat with the awesome Pete & company manning the book fort is never a waste of time!  I stopped by to find it in full swing a number of times and then finally caught the guys in a quiet moment. There’s a cool amount of books to browse on all manner of topics related to writing. They also had festival t-shirts, mugs and some rather intriguing police slang (no really!) and when it’s cold outside it’s warm at the bookstore, always!

Leilani Holmes
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