London Screenwriters’ Festival Round Three

This year saw our third outing for the LSF, bigger, longer, better and even more amazinger than ever.

I will be reporting on the festival in much greater depth over the coming days, sharing some of the video session and offering guest blogs from speakers, but for now I just wanted to thank everyone who attended.

Thanks to our speakers, you were awesome – sharing, inspiring and helping our delegates.

Thanks to our staff, the dilithium crystals of the festival – we all know how much work went into it. Big props.

Thanks to our volunteers, YOU ROCKED! – seriously, we want you back!

Thanks to Signe and Bob, the Pitchfest was a REVELATION – and a powerful evolution for use, we will see you in LA in the Summer!

But most of all…

Thanks to our delegates, I am continually humbled by the experience, generosity and passion of our delegates. Wow!

My only regret is that the festival had to end…

Or did it?

Plans for the reboot in 2013 are already underway. Watch this space.

Onwards and upwards!

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