Science Fiction on a micro budget – Neil, submission for 50 Kisses

The real world, open laboratory for screenwriters and filmmakers that is 50 Kisses is starting to bear extraordinary fruit.

Over the last year we had nearly two thousand scripts submitted, fifty of which were selected and nearly one hundred and fifty films were produced – above is just one of ten or so productions of the script NEIL. You can read all the scripts and feedback on all the films on the official website at

Right now I am working my way through all the entrants and leaving editorial notes so they can go back and re-edit, re-,mix, re-score even re-shoot. Many are resisting this process, but the smart ones are listening to the feedback and choosing to go the extra mile to take their hard work to the next level. For me, the real value in this project is the education we can all receive by contributing and being a part of the process.

What has been a surprise has been an overall lack of focus on sound – most filmmakers seem to obsess about the image and at the last moment, just abandon the soundtrack – and yet the sound is the first thing we notice when it’s sub standard.

Anil’s film (above) has completely side stepped that issue by making a film that is more a meditation with pictures and music than a traditional narrative. Great stuff.

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Don McVey November 18, 2012 at 11:55 am #

    Nice job. Good wee film. Personally, I find lack of sound design slightly jarring. But then again, if I was watching this with the music blaring, might be different.

    Where is that mad building???

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