A picture speaks a thousand words… use artwork to help deliver a killer pitch

A picture speaks a thousand words. But in a pitch, I would say a picture speaks a million words.

Pitching is a tough job. Getting someone to pay attention, to lean forward and ask for more is incredibly difficult, even if you have a killer idea to start off with. We are flooded by pitches every day and have become almost immune to them.

So maybe you need a little help? In my experience, having something in the room with you, something that speaks to the senses, will help your pitch hugely. Remember, you need to stand out… and as good as idea is, it’s often not enough.

Consider this…

  • If you are making a film about a baker, take some incredible cakes into the pitch.
  • If your film is about fossils found on an asteroid which proves alien life, take a small asteroid fragment into the meeting, let them hold it.
  • If your film is about a rock band, take some music in.

Feed the senses – touch, smell, hearing and of course, sight.

I have found that key artwork is one of the best ways to really get attention – often more so than video trailers or short films (which can also kill you dead unless they are amazing). A single piece of evocative art will set the scene, convey the tone, illustrate the genre and fire the imagination.

Some people also create ‘mood boards’, a collection of images and colours that create a collage to convey what you are trying to achieve.

Working hard on these kind of support materials for a pitch also shows invention, conviction and it will help bring out your passion in the room.

So before you pitch next time, ask yourself, are you as prepared as you could be, or could you get tooled up with some props to help you do your story justice?

Onwards and upwards!

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3 Responses to A picture speaks a thousand words… use artwork to help deliver a killer pitch

  1. Neil Oseman December 18, 2012 at 2:46 pm #

    Great advice as usual, Chris. I recently blogged about the pros and cons of various ways of presenting your vision, from moodboards through to full-on pilots: http://neiloseman.com/?p=2904

  2. Julie Gray December 18, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    Although sometimes, having props with you is seen as having a weak pitch that needs a crutch…. there are pros and cons – I think the biggest pro, the ammunition you really need is have is a firm handshake, a big smile and a compelling pitch. If your pitch is going really really GREAT, and at the end of the pitch you happen to have a fossil or piece of a meteor or some artwork, terrific, but I would recommend letting the pitch and your confidence in it be the most persuasive selling point.

  3. Chris December 18, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    You are right Julie. Your comment highlights an important distinction too. Between writers pitching to producers and producers pitching to financiers.

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