Editing masterclass with editor Eddie Hamilton on X-Men: First Class and Kick Ass


This editing masterclass from NAB 2012 with my good friend Eddie Hamilton, just went live. If you are working in features either as an editor, writer, director or producer, you will find this presentation an excellent 30 minute investment. Put the kettle on, switch off the phone and press play…

If you enjoy it, you can also watch the video I recorded with him form his cutting room on the weekend of the release of Kick Ass – Watch here http://www.chrisjonesblog.com/2010/04/editing-kickass-interview-with-editor-eddie-hamilton.html

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Mark Morris February 21, 2013 at 10:08 am #

    What amazes me is how driven Eddie is. He has taken what an indie film maker might do because of a lack of money to a professional level. All those sound effects. Scores from previous X men films as well as temp music the contact with sound design as well as starting with a master shot to look through the rushes to determine best shots. Equalising, sharpening dialogue from all the mics. Blinking hell I’m only used to one. Using / creating visual effects ideas. Liasing with stuntmen cameramen to create something more interesting. Eddie wades into every department making the film. He is effectively directing not the actors but the film. And he has it already in surround sound for studio heads within day/s. Now I know why media composer is called media composer. maybe that should be a new title for this type of editing. Hell maybe it is?

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