The tricks of a mind reader… use mystery at EVERY stage of story development

I wanted to share this viral video with you because it manages to do that rare thing – draw you in with a real mystery, then BOOM, deliver the sucker punch… it’s actually about you, not them! This is a real call to action video that uses mystery and entertainment to draw us in – when the reveal happens we chuckle, but we also gulp.

Humans love mystery and puzzles, we are obsessed by them – interestingly a recent study even proved that apes love puzzles too – link HERE.

What’s the takeaway? Increase the mystery in your project – never become opaque or cryptic, audiences hate that, but they we love trying to figure things out. And it doesn’t need to be a murder mystery – all drama is about mystery. What are they thinking? What will they do next? What are they doing that? What does it all mean? We are meaning making machines and our jobs as story tellers is to manage that meaning at every step of our narratives.

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Onwards and upwards!

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