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When we hosted this workshop with Ted Hope and Christine Vachon on professional producing, we committed to filming and sharing it. It’s in four parts and really quite something. You can watch part one here. If you would like parts two, three and four, head over to and sign up. It’s 100% free.

  • About Ted Hope
    Ted is a visionary transforming the film industry, giving real breaks to new talent, challenging convention and getting movies made that make money and launch careers.
  • About Christine Vachon
    Christine is a straight-shooting, tough-talking producer. She has launched numerous careers, taking big risks with new talent while often telling difficult stories.

What you will learn in this first part…

  • 0.20 Introduction of Ted Hope & Christine Vachon
  • 1.30 Killer Films and how Christine started producing films.
  • 4.30 How to find an audience for you’re film.
  • 6.30 How to produce lots of films regularly & why its important to make the right choices.
  • 9.20 The making of a horror film and how to make a B movie.
  • 13.50 Why ignorance is bliss and how direct contact with industry professionals pays!
  • 16.00 Lessons learnt and why its important to go out to film festivals.
  • 19.05 The film Super and how to negotiate your terms.
  • 20.40 How fear is the key ingredient to making films & why its good to keep an open mind to do things in a different way or platform.
  • 23.35 Online film platforms and the benefits from distributing online.
  • 27.25 The importance defining a brand & how to make a living out of making films.
  • 31.30 Ways of getting an audience for your low budget film & the importantance of communicating through different platfroms.
  • 34.50 Why you can expand your brand into different genres & how it is easy to get trapped.
  • 36.30 How to find the right producer for you & why its about finding the right fit for that project.
  • 39.45 Why it’s important to play the long game in working with collaborators.
  • 43.00 How collaboration teams are the way of the future & why you should have a wide range of collaborators.
  • 46.20 Legal issues and how to get your project permitted.
  • 49.00 How online video on demand services have changed the model of distribution.
  • 51.25 How does online platforms effect the way we tell stories.
  • 53.00 Why making content for platforms like Hulu can benefit your career.

I hope enjoyed Ted and Christine and I look forward to seeing you at one of our events – full list here

Onwards and upwards!

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