Recording voice overs for the London Screenwriters’ Festival podcasts

We filmed most sessions for the London Screenwriters’ Festival and now have an archive of nearly 200 workshops, classes and seminars online inside our private delegate network. Today we began converting everything to MP3 files too, so all our delegates can listen to them as audio only podcasts.

Fabulous actress and voice over artist Fleur Poad is now the official voice of the LSF and we are spending the day recording intros and outros for each and every session. No small task I can tell you.

What’s great about working with a professional like Fleur is that she gets it right each time, keeps the energy up take after take and didn’t bat an eye lid at the rather dodgy makeshift ‘studio’ we put together for these recordings. Of course, Heathrow redirected all the planes to fly overhead today giving us just one more headache. Doh!

We will be sharing a few of these podcasts in due course, but the entire archive is alerady available to past and present LSF delegates inside the network. You can get a pass for LSF 2013 and get access to the video sessions and MP3 (when we complete and upload them over the next few weeks) for £250 until the end of the month HERE.

And Fleur has a webpage here and you can follow her on Twitter here. Thanks to Jack Fay for running the session too.

Onwards and upwards!

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