Week Two: Reprogramming my relationship with food

Starting Weight: 15st 10lb
Weight this Week: 15st 5.4lb
Weight Loss this Week: 2 lbs
Total loss so far: 4.6lbs

Blood Pressure average: 128/95 no change (on the border, and the wrong side at that, of hypertension)

I have lost a couple of pounds this week too, so success. Week two has been tougher than week one as the energy I got from making a positive change has slowly left, to be replaced by the day to day grind of life.

As I have stayed away from processed sugars, salt and other additives, foods are now changing flavour. The natural taste of fruit and veg now surprises me with every bite – so much natural flavour. My routine is very easy to maintain, so long as life does not get in the way, which it obviously can do. So lunch at 12 noon, dinner at 6pm sharp. Works great for me.

I have also begun to reduce my fruit intake and replace with seeds – the REALLY fill me up and give me huge amount of energy too. This is an attempt to slowly move to a less acidic diet and one that is more alkaline – there is a great deal of research to support the claim that acidic diets are really bad for us (more on that in coming months).

Relationship with food

For someone like me, food can be a loaded gun. And our relationship with food, as a society, means there are loaded guns all around. Food is something we do, something social, fun, even sensual. Eating ‘well’ often means eating lots of food, and probably bad food at that. As a society we are addicted to overeating.

And so to get through this I need to make two adjustments in my mind.

  1. Food is fuel. It’s not an activity. Nor can I allow it to make me feel good. It’s fuel for the body and I only need so much. I also want that fuel to be good quality to look after my engine.
  2. Zero tolerance. I will not slip from my plan. No cookies, chocolate, snacks… nothing. Because once you slip from the wagon, it’s REALLY hard to get back on. Especially in these first few stages of ‘breaking the habit’.

This does not make me a good dinner date, unless we are eating raw vegan! Still, right now, that’s not my problem. Zero tolerance.

Resist the urge

Another simple tactic I have discovered is to resist the first pangs of hunger. The old me would react to those signals rapidly. In essence, I would rarely be hungry as I would eat the moment my body sent those signals. But in the wild, tens of thousands of years ago, your body would send those signals to tell us to go forage or hunt for food. Those first signals mean ‘go look for food’ not ‘go open the fridge’!

Those pangs usually only last a few moments too. I have noticed that slim people will often say, ‘yeah, I am hungry, I felt like eating an hour ago…’ That’s one distinction, they don’t reach for food at the first hunger pangs.

Chris Jones

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