Final Call: Advanced Producing with Richard Holmes this Saturday

Final Call: Advanced Producing with Richard Holmes this Saturday

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I have just spent the last few days compiling clips and working with Richard for his masterclass this Saturday. Going through his films, it’s amazing just how many he has made, and what an extremely high success rate he has had.

Popular myth puts film successes at something like one in ten. Richard seems to have smashed those odds with ‘Waking Ned’, ‘Shooting Fish’ and ‘Eden Lake’ all yielding very high returns for his investors. At three in ten being hugely profitable, Richard clearly knows his stuff. And he has now created a mechanism where he can make one feature film every year or so… you can watch a clip of Richard discussing his approach here…

Right now I am working through contracts and documents, redacting the names, but leaving everything else intact. This will mean delegates will also get all actual documents used on a recent feature film.

If you have produced a string of successful shorts or a micro budget feature, and if you are looking to make the next big step, this one say workshop should provide a solid, real world and detailed map for you to follow.

OK, if you want to come, you can sign up here…

Onwards and upwards!

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