Final Call: Advanced Producing with Richard Holmes

Advanced Producing with Richard Holmes
When: May 4th

Where: Regents College
How Much: £99 inc VAT (get £30 off with code CHRISJONES)

Richard has just wrapped his 10th feature film this weekend and is now prepping his masterlclass, bringing it up to date and compiling clips and documents for the attending delegates.

If your film requires a budget of £1m or more, Richard will explain how he has managed to do it ten times, sharing the blow by blow, intimate details of how productions of this scale get financed, produced and sold. It will not be filmed as the details must remain confidential.

And it’s NOT rocket science either. Working at this level needs some business savvy, chutzpa, confidence, commitment and patience… and as Richard would describe it, ‘a tightly resourced script’. You can see a video of Richard discussing this here…

There is a full breakdown of the day here… Broadly, it’s broken into two halves – Strategy, the broad strokes of how and why, then tactics, the specific detail of how to make it happen.

  • Moving out of micro budget mentality
  • Why do some films get financed where others don’t?
  • Developing, positioning and packaging a project that can get financed
  • Who puts money into a £million film and why
  • How to find investors and how to get them to commit
  • How to get the biggest names for your film, and why its essential
  • Working with sales and distribution partners and WHY they will want to work with you
  • The money, getting it in, spending it, cashflowing, selling it, getting it back in and distributing profits
  • The next film and why it’s essential to your strategy

Full schedule HERE

Get The Paperwork
Having real world budgets and other critical documents from a real world film, direct from the producers laptop, can be hugely illuminating – and Richard is prepared to share those documents with you – partially redacted of course, for legal reasons. This paperwork will show you, line by line, exactly where the money goes on his £1m films, compared to your own micro budget experiences. Gold dust.

Sign up here and use code CHRISJONES to get £30 off.

Onwards and upwards!

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