London Screenwriters’ Festival 2013 six months away and two thirds sold out!

Over the weekend I put together this short slideshow from the London Screenwriters’ Festival. And in doing so, I was pretty much amazed and just how far we have come in three years – and now running our fourth festival this October.

There is no greater indicator than the fact that we are now at 71% sold out – with the final ‘early bird’ discount running out at midnight tonight.

To put this in perspective, in 2011, we were at this point in ticket sales just seven days from the festival. In 2012, we were at this point just four weeks from the festival. Right now, we are six months from the festival! WOW!

So we will sell out this year, as we did last year, just much earlier!

So if you want to come, take action now and get your pass for the lowest price available, and before they sell out.

And remember, as a delegate, you get access to ALL the filmed sessions in the network, currently running at around 125 – that’s a film school in itself!

Sign up here…

Onwards and upwards!

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