The 2013 Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass draws closers…

What’s the secret to making your movie?

Believe, learn on the journey and take MASSIVE action NOW. Not tomorrow. Not one day, some day. NOW!

We are living into an extraordinary technological, business and cultural evolution / revolution. The opportunities for filmmaking and success have never been better.

We can now all make a movie. We have the tools, access to talent and new distribution platforms are evolving by the minute.

If like me, you want to spend your life making movies, then 2013 is the year to make it happen. The scales are finally tipping in our favour – and while the frontier of filmmaking still feels like the wild west, there is definitely gold up in those hills, ready to be discovered by the bold and visionary. It’s REALLY exciting!

That’s why I am rebuilding the Guerilla Film Makers masterclass from the ground up. Revising, re-visioning and retooling it for filmmakers in 2013 and beyond.

And so here is my personal invitation to you…

Come to the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass in June and I promise that…

  1. You will learn LOADS of stuff you didn’t know that you didn’t know about filmmaking, attracting finance and distribution (plus tons of other stuff). This knowledge will save your bacon along your filmmaking journey.
  2. You will meet LOADS of other filmmakers – collaboration and networking is essential to your project, and there is no better place to meet over 300 new collaborators – producers, writers, directors… last time there were even a few financiers!
  3. You will leave MASSIVELY ARMED AND INSPIRED… Making a film can be a long and arduous journey… I urge you come along so that you can bottle the feeling you will get at the masterclass, a feeling that will KEEP YOU GOING when things seem at their worst!

I won’t be running the masterclass again in 2013 so take action now. And if you attend and are not happy, I will give you a full refund.

Tickets are normally £135 but as a reader of my blog, you can get £50 off by using the discount code CHRIS JONES at checkout.

That’s £85 for a two day, world class, career changing, kick-up-the-ass, filmmaking masterclass with hundreds of other creative people just like you!

What did past delegates say?

‘Delivered in short bursts of rocket fuel for the soul’
Luke Campbell, Film maker

‘If you want an honest, no hold barred film making course, then this is it. Intensive 2 days of straight talking, no bullshit’
Dane Jones

‘I have 45 pages of notes, a sore hand and a billion brain cells firing on all cylinders…’
Patrick Nash, Writer and Director

‘I have left with clarity on what I need to do next to drive my career, but more importantly, my inspiration, motivation and self belief tank is completely full. Bring on the next adventure!’
Natasha Gant, Filmmaker

Click here to get your pass now…

Want more information? Check out the main site here where there is a full breakdown of what you can expect…

And read past delegate feedback here…

Remember, this isn’t just a workshop, it’s a EVENT!

Ok see you in June…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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