Week Four: The inevitability of weight loss

Starting Weight: 15st 10lb
Weight this Week: 15st 4.4lb
Weight Loss this Week: 1 lbs
Total loss so far: 5.6lbs

Week four has also been tough, with many disruptions to my routine, which makes it really tough to eat well day in day out. Still, I have lost one pound, so this week is a success.

Here’s the thing, once you hit your stride, losing weight becomes easy, almost the default position. Little wobbles here and there seem to have no impact on the downward weight loss spiral, so long as your calorie intake remains below your threshold (which I believe is different for everyone).

Aside from the obvious – I am eating less, exercising and eating better food – I believe there are three factors at play here.

First, my stomach has shrunk. Actually, I don’t know if it really has shrunk, but it feels like it has. My hunger is satisfied much earlier into eating a meal, and so it’s now hard to over eat. Of course, I CAN overeat easily, but when I am tempted, I remember my daily routine of weighing in every morning and I usually resist. This is working really well for me now.

Second, I believe my body has a delayed reaction to changes in eating patterns. Changing diet and reducing calories can at first, fail to create the weight loss that I want. It takes a little time. It’s almost like my body is saying ‘hang on, there will be plenty food tomorrow, so don’t start burning those reserves just yet…’ But day after day, when that extra food never comes, the body seems to change and starts saying ‘OK, burn reserves now, food is short’. This is why a day or two of eating indiscretion seems to have no impact on the spiralling weight loss – BUT – following that day or two of bad eating, you MUST get back on the wagon. Fail to do so and the body will start saying ‘PHEW, looks like the famine is over, start storing fat again…’

Third, everyone is different. Some people can eat loads and never put on weight. I look at food and gain a pound! All I can say to myself is that I cannot change the hand I have been dealt, but I change the way I play that hand. I believe we all have upper and lower calorie thresholds. Eat above your upper threshold and you will gain weight. Eat below your lower threshold and you will loose weight. In the middle is a grey area where you will neither gain nor loose weight. For some people that grey area is quite wide, for others, like me, that grey area is rather narrow. I have worked out where my grey area is, and I can eat healthily and happily just beyond the edge of the lower threshold, and will easily and consistently loose weight.

I have no scientific evidence for this theory, it’s just a pattern I have noticed in myself, and it’s why it’s ESSENTIAL to weigh in every day, to understand the weird fluctuations in your own weight.

Again, I want to amplify that the secret to beating hunger and food craving is to eat regularly and to a routine – eat well, eat less and weigh in daily to learn how your body fluctuates. The scales should not be feared.

For Lucia my other half, she realised that once a month, for obvious reasons, she didn’t loose weight at all (for a good week). This was disheartening, but after several moths of daily weigh ins, she could see her own unique weight pattern clearly. This is the secret to not getting disheartened when you get on the scales once a week and discover that after you have worked so hard, you have gained a pound.

Weigh in daily with same scales, at the same time and in the same way.

Eat well, eat below your lower calorie threshold and you cannot avoid loosing weight, it just may take a few days or a week for your body to give up the fight and start burning fat stores.

Blood Pressure
You can see from my chart that there isn’t much change yet, but there is a definite reduction in my Systolic pressure, though it’s my Diastolic pressure that is really too high. I am hoping that the next four weeks will continue to show a drop. And my heart rate at rest has also dropped slightly. All good.

Chris Jones

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