Advanced Producing with Richard Holmes, what delegates said

This weekend gone, Richard Holmes ran his Advanced Producing workshop which was a resounding success. It was crammed with hard won lessons, delivered with charm

and wit and spectacularly open an authentic. If you would like info on when we run this event again, sign up below.

‘Sage advice from a prolific producer’
Mike Mindel, Writer / Producer

‘It’s like a 2 year MA in one day!’
Cera Rose Pickering, Writer

‘The blood, the guts, the depth, the detail, the fury, the humour… of film production – epic masterclass’
Jade Syed-Bokhari, Filmmaker

‘I learned more ‘real world’ and applicable information in one day than I did in three years at film school’
Darren Bender, Producer

‘I was continually and thoroughly engaged. Richard was as hilarious as a professional comedian, whilst educating us on deeply complex themes. His first hand experience was as rewarding as it was terrifying. Truly brilliant and inspiring.’
Joel Mishon, TV producer

‘The amount of detail and real life examples and documents provided is unheard of in any other filmmaking class’
Asim Apobasi, Filmmaker

‘It is wonderful to be in such a positive and energising environment’
Clare Cahil, Filmmaker

‘Such a relief to get someone actually doing what they are teaching, and being transparent and honest about it too. Thoroughly recommended’
David Sigston, Writer / Director

‘The level of detail was intense but necessary’
Mark Knight, Filmmaker

‘Couldn’t recommend more highly’
Gez Medinger, Producer/Director

‘The wealth of information and its value was just staggering’
Remo Piri, Producer

‘Direct, funny and truly inspiring’
Riccardo Sai, Director

‘Great energy and energising’
Casandra Prerost, Filmmaker

‘Informative, well structured and engaging – even the dry bits’
Paul Anderton, Producer

‘They never go into this much real world detail in film school – amazingly insightful’
Joel Pitcher, Filmmaker

‘Worth every penny. Invaluable’
Giles Alderson, Filmmaker

‘Great resource, all you need in one day’
Dave Verheyen, Producer

‘Well organised, well planned, very informative, real and practical. Better than going to university’
Jantal Banerjee, Composer

‘The truth, the raw truth…’
Shayan Scott, Producer

‘Richard’s energy and honesty was fantastic, imparting important info gained over years of experience’
Paul Sukhija, Filmmaker

Onwards and upwards!

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