How To Fund A Film Workbook

So after working through the 27 steps required to make a successful EIS / SEIS and UK film tax credit movie, as outlined by Ivan Clements for his course next week, I decided we needed to create a workbook for delegates.

What started off as notes has now evolved into a 38 page guide into which delegates can add the details of their films and notes. Every delegate will get a copy of this booklet.

In the afternoon of the day, I will be running a presentation on Crowdfunding too (light relief from the tax nosebleeder!), which will be filmed and made available to the delegates of and the delegates of the upcoming two day Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass.

This is just to relive some content pressure for the two days of the Guerilla Masterclass as there is SO much to squeeze into those two days.

If you want to attend either of these courses, you can get discounts with the code CHRISJONES.

How To Fund A Film is here…

And the Guerilla Filmmakers two day masterclass is here…

See you there.

Onwards and upwards!

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