Shooting right now in Greece… A Guerilla Masterclass Success Story

At the last Guerilla Masterclass, Lance Nielsen, director, writer and friend announced that he was going to make a a movie this year.

This was a big deal for me, as prior to the masterclass, he has shared with me that he had decided to give up and focus on other things. It was the masterclass that convinced him to take action and go for it.

And boy did he go big!

Right now, this very minute, he is on set in Greece with a production team pulled from delegates at the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass, directing Jason Flemyng in ‘The Journey’.

I asked Lance to share his own journey to set with us, but as you can imagine, he is a little under pressure right now. But he has recorded a video for us to share once he gets it to us.

This highlights one of the benefits of attending the masterclass.

Magic happens when you get hundreds of creative people in one room together, and then you dare them to ‘go for it…’

Life has a tendency to kick the dreams from us all.

And while occasional chats with friends and mentors can keep us plodding along on the marathon, nothing beats being around hundreds of like minded folk to get you back on the track and running at full pace. Perhaps even a little faster! You can follow the Journey on Facebook here

Come along for two days and, as well as getting tons of filmmaking info, get inspired to aim higher than ever – you will leave committed to doing what you REALLY want to do with this short and precious thing we call life.

Get £50 off the pass (making it £85 for the two days) with discount code CHRISJONES and sign up here…

Onwards and upwards!

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