The Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass 2013 is nearly here…

Top Ten Reasons Why YOU Should Come To The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass 2 Day Film School

The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass 2013: Rise Of The Micro Crew is a two day event designed to get you making YOUR movie NOW! It will help you avoid mistakes, it will save you money and it will guide you through the seemingly infinite choices that lay ahead…

When – June 15th / 16th
Where – Regents College, central London
How much – ££135 (get £50 off with code CHRISJONES) SIGN UP HERE

So, here are my top ten reasons why, if you want to make your movie this year, you should attend…

  • 1. Because you ARE making a movie the year!
    It’s time to stop talking about that movie you are going to make ‘one day, some day’ and make it happen in 2013! And I REALLY get what that means – the dizzy mix of excitement and fear… at the workshop, you will be in a room with hundreds of others who share your aspirations and goals. SIGN UP HERE
    How to, when, who with, how much, how long, what next, what kit, where from… From conception, through prep, production, post, sales and distribution… and beyond into the all important next project. Bring a VERY large notebook! SIGN UP HERE
  • 3 . More importantly, AVOID THE PITFALLS…
    Making a movie is not rocket science, but there are many catastrophic pitfalls the can stop you dead. Having made films and interviewed hundreds of filmmakers, I can show you the biggest, most common pitfalls, and how to avoid them. SIGN UP HERE
  • 4. Because it’s a steal!
    No other workshop on the planet is such good value. With the early bird discount it’s just under £40 a day, plus you get all the online bonuses, networking and Friday night session too. SIGN UP HERE
  • 5. Because you will leave connected to talent
    Core to the Masterclass is networking. You can’t make your film alone, you need a team, and here’s where you will find it. You will be able to mingle with hundreds of other filmmakers, writers, actors, directors, editors, DPs… Bring at least 350 business cards! SIGN UP HERE
  • 6. Because our online network keeps the event alive beyond the weekend
    Keep the masterclass and your connections thriving by joining our exclusive private delegate network. This is where I will also be sharing support materials afterward. You can join now and start networking with other delegates right away. SIGN UP HERE
  • 7. Because your competitors are coming…
    An old marketing trick is to create fear in the mind of the reader. So yes, your competitors ARE coming… But… I prefer to think of those filmmakers, not as your competitors, but as COLLABORATORS. They have so much to offer you, and crucially, you have plenty to offer them too. SIGN UP HERE
  • 8. Because I offer you a 100% money back guarantee
    Yep. If you come along and don’t leave EMPOWERED, INSPIRED and CONNECTED I will give you your money back. SIGN UP HERE
  • 9. Because I am running it just once this year
    I plan to shoot a movie later this summer and so I don’t have time for more than one Guerrilla Masterclass. Miss it now and it won’t be around again until 2014 at the very least! SIGN UP HERE
  • 10. Because you can be sure it’s extraordinary
    Last time we received an average 94% positive feedback from over 350 delegates. You can watch a short video and read comments from film makers just like you – click here

And here is some feedback!

‘Delivered in short bursts of rocket fuel for the soul’
Luke Campbell, Film maker

‘the masterclass has changed my life…thank you’
Karine Bedrossian, Film Maker

‘More than a masterclass on filmmaking, it’s a masterclass on attitude, courage, vision – on living the dream’
Adelle Kirby, Screenwriter

‘Incredibly detailed yet concise’
Ben Carlson, Filmmaker

‘If you want an honest, no hold barred film making course, then this is it. Intensive 2 days of straight talking, no bullshit’
Dane Jones

‘Loved it all’
Tito Sacci, Director

‘I have 45 pages of notes, a sore hand and a billion brain cells firing on all cylinders…’
Patrick Nash, Writer and Director

‘I have left with clarity on what I need to do next to drive my career, but more importantly, my inspiration, motivation and self belief tank is completely full. Bring on the next adventure!’
Natasha Gant, Filmmaker

‘The workshop has surpassed my expectations. Not only have I learned new information, but I’ve met some crazy filmmakers just like me’
Sonia Maffeis, Actor/Director/Writer

‘If you are even wondering about attending this, get on with and sign up!’
Will Hopkins, Filmmaker

‘It’s not just the information that makes this Masterclass so valuable, it’s the community that forms around you over the weekend that makes it NECESSARY! We found a first AD, got 60 new Twitter followers and even received more financing for our film over the weekend’
Justin Tagg, Writer / Director

Arash Khunshnazar, Filmmaker

‘Absolutely fantastic, so much information, passion and networking’
Diana Townsend, Writer/Producer

‘I loved the honest, philosophical and psychological aspect, making me question myself and career so that I now know what I really need to do next’
Jai Rajani, Writer/Director

‘I believe again’
Paul Sheeky, Writer/Director

‘Amazing, I can’t feel my brain’
Raj Pathak, Director/Producer

‘You can’t help but leave inspired. Great insights and so many like minded people’
Graham Curry, Production Manager

‘I wish I knew about this masterclass years ago, it would have stopped me dreaming and got me to start taking action’
Aidanna Kussainova, emerging filmmaker

‘After attending I have set a shooting date! Great energy, information, emotion and networking’
Dave Verheyen, Director and VFX Artist

‘I consider myself a professional film maker and I still got tons out of the masterclass. Highly recommended’
Marinella Setti, Filmmaker and writer
(Script supervisor on ‘28 Weeks Later’ and over 30 other features)

‘It was just perfect for me’
Neeta Kataria, Avid Editor/VFX

‘Screw film school. Come to the Masterclass then use your money to make your film’
David Smith, Filmmaker
(in post on first feature)

‘I learnt so much my brain is about to explode! Met so many Directors, Producers, Writers, Actors.. such a wonderful tribe of creative people!’
Natalie Ames, Filmmaker

‘It has reminded me why I got into film making’
Matt Holt, Corporate Filmmaker

‘It scared the crap out of me because I now know I have to do this… AWESOME!!!’
Andy Nichols, VFX Artist

Onwards and upwards!

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