Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass 2013 Feedback

‘This course has more useful information than the internet on crack!’

Robert Emmanuel, Writer & Director,

‘Brilliant, awesome, just an inspiring weekend that has given me the confidence to finish my first feature film! Thanks Chris’
Bryony Disbury, @brytinndisbury

This is not about the film industry, this IS the film industry. Be part of it!’
Tom Kerevan, Writer & Producer, @tomkerevan

‘I learnt more in 2 days than in 2 years worth of Media Studies!’
Stephen Pelly, Writer

‘I came for inspiration and I got it. I’ll see you in Cannes 2014 with my Stage 3 short!’
Mark Hampton, Actor & Filmmaker, @hammyactor

‘It put me on track. I feel inspired, focused and not alone in my goal’
Guy Lambert, Writer & Producer, @sohoguy

‘The film world can seem impenetrable, Chris cuts through the BS and gives you the tools to turn the dream into reality’
Robert Hull, Filmmaker,

‘The best thing about Chris is that he believes in us even if we doubt ourselves. So we can revisit our craft with a fresh perspective and renewed vigour’
Ike Khan, Writer & Filmmaker,


‘I now know how the film business works. Amazing and unbelievable value!’
Martin Marine, Writer

‘A real world motivational kick up the backside. Real world advice based on actual experience. Fantastic!’
Jason Axtell, Aspiring Filmmaker, @jase_axtell

‘A non patronizing, wide ranging, honest and frank coverage of the whole film making process. Any future film work I do will be based on foundations laid over the course of this masterclass’.
Alasdair Stewart, Writer

‘If you need your ass kicked to no longer just think about creating your own films but actually start making them, this is the course to do it’
Jennifer Karen , Actor & Filmmaker,

‘This course is as essential for writers and script consultants/editors as it is for filmmaking crew. A great, well-rounded summery of what’s REALLY involved in the filmmaking industry’
Michelle Goode, Writer & Script Consultant/Editor, @sofluid

‘A great place to meet people and network. Give your time to others projects and they will give their time to you’
Lance Nielsen, Director,

‘I am totally inspired to make 2 shorts I have been thinking about and go for a feature after that’
Daniel Higley, Filmmaker, @daggley

‘The only film course any aspiring filmmaker needs to do. It’s certainly not for the faint hearted, so enter if you dare!!’
Donna Chappell, Writer

The weekend has helped me make decisions and refine my project goals, to realize where I am at’
Billie-Jean Chappell, Writer

‘I’ve been living in a day dream and now I’m going to spend my days living!’
Mary Stone, Filmmaker, @marystone79

‘I spent 18 months planning and shooting my film, got home with it done. Then I froze and stared at my laptop – nothing! This Masterclass has given me the kick I need to start the next phase. Thank God for Chris’
Jane McGrath, Filmmaker, @janemcgrath


‘The course scared me out of my wits – but in a good way. Now I not only know what demons lie on the path ahead, but also how to fight them!’
Stephen Coltrane, Producer, Editor & Writer, @sjcoltrane

‘I’ve just had 2 brilliant days sitting in a room of passionate filmmakers, actors, directors, producers & writers bursting with enthusiasm and eager to share knowledge..amazing!’
Jase Axtell, Filmmaker

‘Chris’ positivity and energy is outstanding. It’s an inspiring, refreshing, exhilarating week-end that rekindled the original spark and reminded me that all the sacrifices I made to become a filmmaker were worth it because indeed I never feel more alive than on a film set’
Stephanie Joalland, writer/director/producer at

Onwards and upwards!

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