Get Your Screenplay Performed at the Actors Table Read during The London Screenwriters’ Festival

Yesterday we ran our first test (on site at Regents College) for the Actors Table Read, a new initiative for the London Screenwriters’ Festival. It gives writers the chance to get their script workshopped, directed and performed by professionals.

The run through was a huge success and now we know exactly how long each session will run, who needs to be in the room and all manner of other logistics.

What we also discovered is just how successful this approach can be. Working intensively on a screenplay in such a short period of time, is both exhilarating and illuminating.

Alexandra (whose script we chose for the run through) got huge amounts from it and she made notes furiously throughout. Her big note to other writers though was this… ‘take part, I know it’s a little intimidating at first, but once you are in the room, that all changes… and to hear your words performed, and be present during that process, is extremely valuable…’

All LSF delegates can submit their work for this process, but the submissions close at the end of this month. So take action now. If you haven’t got your pass, get it now (HERE).

And there is more detailed information about the Actors Table Read HERE.

Onwards and upwards!

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