How To Write For Hollywood And Live In The UK: Podcast with Stuart Hazeldine

With Stuart Hazeldine

After trawling my archives, I discovered this cracking recording I made with screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine about working in LA, but living in the UK.

It was held at Ealing Studios in 2009, just before his first feature film EXAM went into production.

He candidly shared his experiences giving detailed roadmaps you can follow if you also want to write for Hollywood. In the tow hour podcast you will also get insights into…

  • How the Hollywood Spec Script Market works… in detail
  • How much you can earn and how to manage your self and your projects
  • How to get an agent in LA and what that can do for you
  • How to write for Hollywood so they like what you write – or – how to get hired for the next job too!
  • The truth about being a writer… is it for you?
  • Writing as a way in to directing

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Onwards and upwards!

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