Kick Ass 2 writer director Jeff Wadlow podcast… don’t ask permission, ask forgiveness

photoAs I followed Hit Girl and The Mother F****r down a corridor at the absurdly opulent Claridges Hotel in London, I had to smile to myself at the surreality of this moment – I had been granted a short audience during a break in their non stop press junket, to chat with Jeff Wadlow, writer director of Kick Ass 2.

‘Always ask for forgiveness, never for permission… if I had waited for permission, Kick Ass 2 would never have been made’. What Jeff is referring too here is the spec script he wrote for Kick Ass 2 – that’s right, spec script. He wasn’t even hired to write it!

That’s one lesson Jeff shared, along with many others you can hear ion the podcast above…

The big takeaway for me was the advice to ‘write yourself to success…’ Films take vast resources, scripts take just you and your imagination… and if you can write it, you can control it.

Awesome stuff!
Onwards and upwards!

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