So you have written GREAT dialogue… here’s what actors and a director can REALLY do with it

Your dialogue may be awesome, but an experienced director and actors will take it to another lever.

This short video is a fantastic example of what actors and a director can do with your work. The scene is a direct re-enactment of a conversation between a two year old girl and her father, only the two year old is now played by a man. Here’s what it demonstrates.

  1. Setting, casting and context, as created by the filmmakers, can completely change the meaning of dialogue. Completely.
  2. Subtext – we understand the conceit of the piece (kids words from a grown ups mouth) and yet it still rings SO true. In BOTH scenarios, mum and daughter, as well as mum and deranged man.
  3. Contrast is SO important. We love contrast – big and small, sweet and sour, dark and light… And this one is Young and Old. The contrast of a grown man performing the words of a 2 year old is deliciously entertaining.

This is also a terrific example of the kind of work we can all be doing now.

  1. It’s cheap to do – Anyone can make shorts at this scale.
  2. It’s hugely innovative – I am sure someone has done it before, but I have never seen it and to me, it feels fresh and original
  3. The contrast and conceit is immediately ‘gettable’ and engaging meaning I am VERY likely click and play.
  4. Short – the film asks only a small investment of my time.
  5. Viral – as soon as I saw it, I wanted to forward it (it’s at 8m plus views right now).
  6. Universal – it’s really about family, and the experience of being around a two year old is pretty universal.

As of writing, this video has now had 12 million plays. That’s an income stream right there.

What do you think?

Onwards and upwards!

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