One day pitching masterclass in London with Hollywood guru Pilar Alessandra

pilar21We are getting very close to selling out our Pitching Thursday masterclass with Pilar on October 24th.

Tickets are £40 for LSF delegates only /£75 for non LSF delegates
Venue: Regents College, Regents Park
Date: Thursday October 24th 2012, 10am to 5.30pm

This is a rare chance to get tutored by one of top experts in pitching, for filmmakers and screenwriters.

‘Absolutely inspiring and stimulating! It helps even the shyest guy in the world to gain a startling self-confidence in pitching. It’s also a good exercise to test the real value of your writing’
Giordano Trischitta (Pitching Thursday 2012)

pitch31Run by Hollywood studio screenplay reader, script consultant and director of the LA writers’ studio On the Page®, Pilar Alessandra, Pitching Thursday is designed to improve your pitching skills, giving you insight into your style, ideas and delivery. This will ideally prep you for the Great Birtish Pitchfest at the LSF too.

Pitching is a necessary part of the business. It is not something to get nervous or overwhelmed about, but a skill to be learned and mastered like any other. Pitching Thursday will give you confidence and clarity as you focus on what is special about your project, and you will learn how to powerfully convey your ideas passion to someone else. Don’t fall into the trap of crippling your project just because you didn’t have a killer pitch.

pilar4‘Your pitching strategies were awesome.’
Irin Evers

‘Tips, tools, ideals – the perfect preparation for the pitching sessions…Thank you!’
Anthony Etherington

‘Pitching had become my focus point of anxiety. Now, I know that I can deliver a pitch with confidence.’
Michaeline Johnson

‘We had our first pitch today for “The House” and rocked it – all because we followed the pitch structure you laid out for us.’
Susan Cohen

‘Your class on pitching resulted in a refined pitch and half a dozen reps requesting more.Jim T.

‘Your class made it all worth it because two producers expressed a strong interest, and a third actually asked to read a copy of the script that I had on hand!’
Murray Williams

‘Thanks for your wonderfully inspiring and informative session on pitching.’
Donna Roa

‘Just wanted to let you know that your approach to pitching – both your method and your presentation of it – has worked wonders. I’ve garnered enough buzz to get very good coverage from ICM, and have convinced many people to read it.
Ben Zolno

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See you there!

Onwards and upwards!

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