Tonight LIVE on RadioLSF… a whole hour-of-power on Pitching!

photoJoin me, Chris Jones, Judy Goldberg and Daisy Martey for a one hour special on Pitching, in preparation for the Great British Pitchfest.

Here’s some reviews from last weeks show, which you can listen o here…

So pour yourself a glass of wine, beer or your beverage of choice, and relax into an interactive hour of screenwriting, pitching and inspiration chatter to get you into the best possible place before the Screenwriters Festival. Listen LIVE below with the player.

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429833972  The networking party started early last Thursday on RadioLSF! Great advice and info from the team, and an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered live. Take part this Thursday, it’s great fun.’
Dee Chilton

1040483807‘The station going live and the online presence during the broadcast saw the start of the festival for me. I encourage EVERYONE to listen in to the live broadcast this week, and reap the benefits of being able to ask the LSF team questions and get immediate answers. The atmosphere in the room was amazing, it was like a pre-festival party! It was a great buzz and atmosphere. I also made over ten new friends that night, which is great being a noobie and all ;-)’
Ndidi Spencer

1040910846‘I had so much fun listening to RadioLSF last week. This is my first LSF and I will definitely tune in again on this coming Thursday and the next Thursday. I’m getting my midnight snack ready this time. It starts at 2.30am Singapore time :O’
Kaede Loh 🙂

1028811212‘If you didn’t tune in to last Thursday’s RadioLSF then I recommend that you listen to it asap. Not only is it highly informative but the banter between Chris, Judy and Daisy had me laughing my head off. As a ‘noobie’ I was feeling a little daunted by it all but listening to the show has put me completely at ease. If everyone else at the LSF is half as much fun as the three of them, then I know it’s going to be a blast.’
Fiona Hunniset

See you back here at 7:30pm tonight, LIVE!

Onwards and upwards!

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