Well that happened! The London Screenwriters’ Festival 2013

lswf2013day3 206I have just emerged from what feels like a haze of a zillion emails and an emotional hangover from the amazing experience that was the fourth LSF.

Bigger than ever, we burst out of the seams at Regents College, and into our very own Marquee, complete with chandeliers!

More on what I experienced and learned will follow, but for now, I will just share some of the feedback we got from delegates.

  • 393127_10151433217954779_1974854301_n‘It was life changing!’
    Kati Royle, Screenwriter
  • 1039110085‘I learned so much, had my mind blown, my reality checked and my inspiration sent sky-high’
    Will Stubbs, Screenwriter
  • 1039106009‘Thanks for a transformational weekend – the table read was mind blowing – what an incredible resource and community this is!!’
    Ava Regal, Screenwriter
  • 1040908412‘What a fantastic event. I talked loads, pitched loads, and learned loads.’
    Sinéad Fagan, Screenwriter
  • 1031703685‘A life changing experience’
    Francisco Mata, Screenwriter
  • 1039401441‘Loved every minute! Made some great new friends and loads of contacts. Just bought my ticket for next year! :)
    Joanna Gordon, Screenwirter
  • 695538465‘What an amazing weekend, I had a fab actors table read and 3 script requests from the pitching session’
    Paul Arrowsmith, Screenwriter
  • 1039178264It was my first LSF and it was worth every penny. So much so, that when I got home last night I booked my ticket for next year! It was a wonderful creative bubble to live in for a few days, challenging, informative, inspiring and fun. What more could I want?’
    Janet Awe, Screenwriter
  • 1043379966‘It’s an amazing feeling being somewhere and thinking, ‘Oh I get it – this is my place, and this is my thing”
    Mandy Jayne Constance, Screenwriter
  • 1040445252‘Everyone I met was so friendly and approachable and helpful! I felt like every single person I met gave me something that I needed to take me to the next step of my journey.’
    Emily Southall, Screenwriter
  • 1038369288‘I had an amazing time which only now, looking back on it, I realise actually changed me and my perspective on life. To meet so many creative, talented and inspiring people in one place was an incredible experience.’
    Karen Roos, Screenwriter
  • 1037584468‘I am way too tired and emotional to be remotely eloquent but just wanted to thank you for a wonderful festival. I learned a lot, found strength and courage for pitching (and the next steps), met brilliant people and generally had such a laugh throughout!’
    Susie Farrell, Screenwriter
  • 1039658248‘This has been (again!) a fantastic experience. Thank you for the passion and all the efforts you put in making this wonderful event happen.’
    Agnieszka Kruk, Screenwriter
  • 1015280734‘I’m finding it hard to get back down to earth after such an inspirational 3 days’
    Ron Middleton, Screenwriter
  • 867842819I’ve never seen so many people so exhausted and elated at the same time!’
    Leilani Holmes, Filmmaker and Screenwriter
  • 1028811212‘I got talking to one of your speakers, the very lovely Karol Griffiths, and without my asking, she offered and gave up her time to help me refine my pitch. As a result, out of the 3 pitches I made I got 2 requests for my screenplay! All your blood, sweat and tears are definitely worth it. It was brilliant! It is THE event to go to as a screenwriter. I will be coming back next year and the year after, and the year…’
    Fiona Hunniset, Screenwriter
  • 464332015‘Thanks for yet another awesome weekend, this one though included one of the best days of my life! Awesome Pitch Fest in the morning, Joe Eszterhas LAB after lunch and phenomenal Script Doc session with Paul Basset Davies in the afternoon!’
    MJ Hermanny, Screenwriter and Filmmaker
  • 1039288084‘Since the LSF I feel I’m no longer a teacher who also writes but a writer who also teaches. Quite a shift in how I define myself.’
    Kristina Day, Screenwriter

And that’s just a handful! Blimey!

Onwards and upwards!

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