Save the date! The World Premiere of 50 Kisses will be February 13th 2014

ec5bf7da634211e3ad98128766ce5f5f_8The 50 Kisses team just spent the day working out all of the logistics for getting the final movie out there in 2014.

So save the date for a swanky London Premiere on February 13th 2014 – posh frocks and dickie bows! February 13th will also be the night of the 50 Kisses Awards.

Expect regular updates between now and then about what’s happening and how we NEED YOU to get involved to make this an extraordinary event.

Almost every film is featured in the final movie with just under thirty being included in their entirety. We will be locking the edit next week after which we will announce the films that will included in their entirety.

Even if your film is only included in part, we really, really, REALLY need you remain as an important part of the process. This is a rare chance for us all to be a part of something fabulous, to learn loads about filmmaking, screenwriting, to network like crazy and to enjoy the rewards of all our collective hard work.

Bravo to us all and remember, save the date! February 13th 2014.

I will be updating regularly on

Onwards and upwards!

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