50 Kisses Premiere Announced – Are you coming?


Join the writers, filmmakers and actors of ’50 Kisses’ for the world premiere and walk the red carpet!

Over the last two years we have been busy making our crowdsourced feature film 50 Kisses, and it’s getting a world premiere on Feb 13th – and I am inviting you to come and walk the red carpet with us!

Where: The Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile End Road, London E1
When: Thursday Feb 13th
How Much: £19.95 (includes a 50 Kisses cinema poster for your office!)
Dress Code: Posh frocks and dickie bows, we will have a red carpet.

You may recall the 50 Kisses proposition – write a two page script based on Valentines that contains at least one kiss. We got 2,500 scripts submitted and selected the 50 best. Tnen those scripts were released on the internet and anyone could make it and submit their film to the process. We got around 130 films submitted from all around the world, and have now cut the best into a feature film. The aim of 50 Kisses was always simple – to get writers writing, to get filmmakers collaborating with writers and producing, and to platform their amazing work.

So are you coming?

Order of business

7:00pm Arrive at the cinema to walk the red carpet and enjoy pre screening drinks with the cast, crews and writers of ’50 Kisses’.
Get your photo taken on the red carpet with your team or family by our professional photographers (shared freely on Flickr)
Collect your 50 Kisses cinema poster
7:45pm Attend the 50 Kisses Awards Ceremony
8:45pm Film premiere
10:15pm After party

See you there!
Chris Jones

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